Myth 1: I don’t have to my car’s insurance so long as I’ve acquired the Insurance ID card

This is wrong. You still have to pay for your car’s insurance. The card cannot pay for any damage caused to your car in case of a San Diego car accident. It is the money you pay towards your insurance policy that will cater for the damage and injuries. In fact, in case you don’t keep the insurance in policy in the right status, you registration will get suspended. Worst of all, all the costs resulting from the San Diego car accident will fall on you. You will have to cater for the loss of income, injuries, damage to the car and anything in it, pain and suffering, etc. the insurance field has also made it a requirement to report those who default on their policies. It is thus necessary to keep your policy up to date.

Myth 2: It doesn’t matter what I use the car for, it is insured at all times.

This may be true or not. It all depends on the kind of policy or coverage terms you got into with your insurance company. In most cases you will be required to state the activities you are going to engage in with your car. This helps the insurance company to come up with the right insurance policy for you. This therefore means that if you get involved in a San Diego car accident while attending to the activities outside your policy, the company may deny you compensation.

However, there are instances where you may choose to insure your car under virtually everything. This means therefore that you will be covered under all these circumstances. However, the challenge here is how to define what is included under ‘everything’ and what is not. This is why mostly people will go for the most common coverable activities. If the car is for sports chances are that it will attract a different policy amount from that used simply for ferrying children to school. That specific to transporting goods will be different too. It is thus important that you discuss with your insurance company all the situations under which you are covered to avoid any possible shocks and disagreements in case of a San Diego car accident.

Myth 3: If I choose to rent another car, am still covered by my own car’s insurance

It may or may not. Again this depends on the policy agreement you got into with your insurances company. If you agreed that the cover extends to any other car you rent and for certain activities, then you will still be covered even if the San Diego car accident occurs while you are in the rental car. However, if your policy does not cover the other cars that you may rent or use, then you will not be compensated in case you fall victim of a San Diego car accident. It will be upon you to take care of yourself.

Myth 4: Age comes into play when it comes to calculating my car insurance rates.

Not true. While your age may contribute to the general experience you have in terms of driving, it is not what insurance companies use to calculate the rates chargeable on you. Newer drivers pay more compared to the experienced ones. If you get your driving license early then you will pay less as you grow older. But if you get the driving license at age 50 it means you are still inexperienced hence you will pay more that a person who is 25 years old and got his at age 16. So if you want to pay less to cater for your costs in case of a San Diego car accident, it is advisable that you get your driving license at the earliest age possible and keep using it. Avoid having it suspended.

Myth 5: All the goods on my car are covered in case they get lost or destroyed                        

Not true. These are covered by the Renter’s insurance or Home Owner’s insurance. The car insurance policy you take only caters for your car.