They say prevention is better than cure. As a matter of fact, none of us would like to be engaged in any sort of accident. It is thus necessary to have ideas as to how you can actually avoid the accidents. It would be wise to get involved in a San Diego car accident, suffer pain, damages and unnecessary financial expenses before you can learn how you can keep off from the same.

There are a number of mistakes that many drivers get involved in. Some of these are beyond our control while others are very simple and hence can easily be avoided. Some of the mistakes that can help you avoid a San Diego car accident are as discussed below.


In most case this has been the major killer on our roads. Even with the best roads with superbly controlled traffic, you still find people who are ignorant enough to over speed. It is so horrifying to see every driver trying to get ahead of the other. Nobody seems to oblige and let others pass or go ahead of them. Most of the drivers are always in a hurry. They don’t seem to take note of any changes on the road. This leads to serious injuries that normally leave many people dead. At an extremely high speed, it is also very difficult to stop your car especially when the brakes fail. In order to avoid that unnecessary San Diego car accident, it is advisable to obey all the traffic laws and drive at the right speed.

If you want to get somewhere early then better start your journey early too. Otherwise over speeding and breaking every other traffic law will cause you more harm than good. The traffic police will still arrest you for over speeding even if you need to get somewhere as fast as possible. This will make you lose even more time than you had anticipated. A San Diego car accident that will arise from the accident will even make everything worse. So, why speed too much? Don’t appear like you are competing with the driver in the next car. Just move at your own speed while obeying all the other traffic laws.

Improper Turns and bad merging

Turning should just be very simple if executed properly. But this can also be lethal if done without caution. Research and records have proved that the city of California has about 86,000 car accidents every year brought about by improper turning of vehicles. This figure is outrageous. If you want to avoid that lethal San Diego car accident, the best thing to do is to negotiate your turns in the right manner. Try your best to help the state bring down those numbers. Remember the road is not only yours, there are other road users too, and if you turn improperly you not only affect yourself but other read users too. Obey the signs and signals properly. And turn at the right turning point.

Bad merging too is tragic if not done properly. Just ensure that you do it the right way. Use the right lane and ensure you see the merging traffic well.

Driving Under the Influence                                                                                                           

Apart from being illegal, this is dangerous to your life. A San Diego car accident is most likely to occur if you drive under influence. If you are being driven it is also worthy ensuring that your driver is not under any influence of drugs, alcohol or any legal medication that can impair their normal functioning. Some medicines are known to make individuals drowsy. So, don’t drive in case you have taken such.

Drifting out of Lane
Make sure you keep to the right lane. Otherwise you may end up hitting other vehicles or pedestrians causing unnecessary accidents.

Distracted Driving

This is the other killer. That call from a friend, family, business partner, etc. can take away your concentration and before you know it you are in hospital or dead. Just avoid it and keep focused. If you must take that call then pull over at the right place, stop the vehicle and take the call. It will save you and others a lot. Music and a piece of snack can also distract you. The best thing to do is, if you are driving keep to the task of driving. Eat or make a call at the right time but not when driving.


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